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Fashion Police article by Arthur St. Antoine

bmovieguy bmovieguy
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/16
Posted: 12/11/16
12:27 PM

Firstly, I must say I enjoyed reading this article.  I also enjoyed and agree with the similarities in the film business.  Although I see how your examples work with the "planned obsolescence" theme, it seems as if they also fall in to the "this is so crazy it just might work" attitude. (Something I see in my industry all the time.)   Using "Battlefield Earth" as an example brings up so many other issues.  That was a Travolta "passion project" and was thrown out of almost every major studio for 10 years until one night club and dry-cleaning owner turned the idea of you scratch my back and I scratch your in to a business plan.  Using other people's money (that goes in to a much larger story) and make a deal with the actor.  I'll make your movie if you do three of mine.  See I don't work in "mainstream" Hollywood,  I am one of the redheaded step children of the business. I make movies with an actor you have always liked for cheap ( GM parts bin ) and put it online or on the shelves of places where people either walk buy or click by and say, "gee, I have always liked that guy or gal".  Proceed to buy or rent said movie, watch it and while doing so keep saying "this has got to get better".  I don't know if this falls in to "planned obsolescence" or flat out capitalizing using the architecture from other vehicles and think gee what can me make of this?

I have a feeling much is the same between the two industries.  I am told constantly you have this crappy script and this aging action start and have only this much to make it with, what can you do?   We come of with great concepts but when it comes to the final delivery it comes out mediocre or downright disastrous.  Sadly,  just as many people have watched movies I have created and thought they wanted their 90 minutes of life back, there are those who actually liked it for whatever reason.   Over the years I have had some amazing cars and one that followed in your category.   Many of these in my opinion come out to great concept, terrible execution. ( That line is primarily for my own edification and an excuse for buying an Aztek once upon a time. I had it for a year, used it for camping and mountain biking and although it was sinfully ugly I thought it was kind of cool. Call it a moment of insanity as I only owned it for a year. ) Like many of my movies I intend to create something fun and enjoyable but it the end due to the rules I am forced to play by it comes out as not what it was intended.  Who knows, one day I may make my masterpiece but for now I am stuck in the trenches.  I am sure many designers feel the same.

After all of my senseless ramblings, I come to the conclusion there are many similarities between the industries and so much more that can be said on pontificated upon.  Thank you for opening an interesting topic.  I hope you intend to expand upon it.  

vishal1992 vishal1992
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/17
Posted: 02/02/17
08:55 PM

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Thanking you


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