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hyundai santafe 2014

alexsander2014 alexsander2014
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/13
Posted: 11/12/13
10:11 PM

Su way Tân of form Hyundai SantaFe at version 2014 Kha known, especially is a k? out th?t . The following Chi?c SantaFe 2014 the new you away at Vi?t Nam will be any version The first of ông Invitation - ông third - the form of this xe , since Nam 2000 until su? do du? .
Hyundai SantaFe 2014 - Changing identifier Mao
Vì v?y, with older versions , Xe Hyundai SantaFe 2014 the new you designed actually HAP guide higher than , with more line NET looks bad block , create styles Basic B?p and powerful tôi higher than .
Lu?i Nhi?t Spread the new looks l?c lang instead of type looks chu nhat his previous . Ðèn pha , Ðèn gam been designed as it again direction of the thao and powerful tôi higher than . Theo xu Chung , its applications of Bóng Ðèn Led to be the ky su Hyundai Hao Phong trang been for template xe this, word Ðèn highlighted c?m day, Ðèn H?u , up to Ðèn bug l?i above guong Window ...
Su Th?ng Nh?t of designed looks l?c lang at the contents / out th?t
And published Local , looks l?c lang out Grid Spread Nhi?t Phia first show useful even in the inside xe , with keys pressing Window , panel , Hóc Cart Gh? previously ... make into a NET specific the new cho version 2014 of SantaFe d?y d? tùy ch?n .

O part duôi xe , layout kiêm Ðèn H?u also choices way Tân powerful tôi to the , line NET ambiguous higher than , hài hòa with the total can xe if ti?p join the line gan d?p Floating extended T? H?i inside H?ng xe . And if quan sat : di?n , you will get any retained Phang Phát D?U ?N of the older versions retained appears Ð?u which the above T?m Kính Window H?u - The following line NET that can be will be sign nh?n know what cho " Thuong hi?u " SantaFe .

Su Th?ng Nh?t of designed looks l?c lang at the contents / out th?t
Failed to chia too small of the bitmap du?c away with categories quality documents ( da , NH?A , carbon ... ) will make more people like non thú
Xe Hyundai SantaFe 2014 has thu?c 4.690 x 1.880 x 1.680mm , tr?ng amount of t?nh dao actions in distance 1,612-1,723 kg , phân tích average natural materials 64 lít , gam xe cao 185mm , use of local L?p sizes 235/60-18 , Ban viewfinder past quay minimum 5,45 m . Of size of this , SantaFe ông order 3 defaults even lower than the ông previously 45mm but it again length of higher than ( 40mm ) and expand rather than ( 5mm ) make samples xe has Tr?ng Tâm lower , helps xe stable higher than , bám line higher than .

If likewise Th? gi?i , SantaFe 2014 can multiple selection motor as well as the system pages effect (add the system pages effect 4 bánh secure of time ), you SantaFe 2014 at Vi?t Nam only in the system pages effect bánh previously cho hai selected effect basic : Xang or diesel . As any version of last ông 2nd , xe Santa Fe 2013 are only in b?n 7 place .
SantaFe 2014 d?y d? using the motor Xang Theta II 2.4L phun xang max score , going include the number of box Automatic 6 c?p , cho public exchange Maximum 176 Ma Luc at 6.000 past / minutes and Momen xo?c C?c max 231 Nm at 3750 past / minute . Xe able to tang toc from 0 -100km / h in 10,9 sec and Ð?t speeds Maximum 190km / h , Focus H?o Nhiên data in distance speeds word 60 -100km / h that 6,8 lít/100km ( info zero vendor ) .
Version motor diesel you phân tích 2.2L turbo, use of the path chung , phun natural materials are supported by your system panel van variables thiên Ði?n operator and the number of box Automatic 6 c?p . Motor cho public exchange Maximum 197 Ma Luc at 3.800 past / minutes and Momen xoan C?c max 445 Nm at 1,800-2,500 past / phút . Xe able to tang toc from 0 -100km / h in 9,8 sec and Ð?t speeds Maximum 190km / h , Focus H?o Nhiên data in distance speeds word 60 -100km / h that 5,6 lít/100km ( info zero vendor ) .
Since when official ra eye at Vi?t Nam , the Chi?c SantaFe 2014 , following S? L?i cu?n initial to the styles , will give Tu?ng An to the motor diesel ti?t Ki?m and V?n H?nh stable . And with any parameter above, nothing strange on giá Bán of b?n d?ng co diesel Ð?t than the version camera Xang , but choices Chênh Bias just on the distance 30 tri?u d?ng make C?m alert Nha distribution at Vi?t Nam being like to defaults orientation khach hang on the form d?ng co diesel .
  hyundai m?t lac

System Hyundai Ng?c An
327 Qu?c l? 13 - P Hi?p Bình Phu?c - Q Th? Ð?c - TP.H? Chí Minh
Hyundai An L?c
563 Kinh Duong Vuong - P An L?c - Q Bình Tân - TP . H? Chí Minh
Hotline: 0984 79 5001  

rahulsharma921895 rahulsharma921895
New User | Posts: 44 | Joined: 08/15
Posted: 09/18/15
02:22 AM

I bought Hyundai Santa Fe 2 WD AT From AutoPortal in 28.31 lac. It's has excellent performance and mileage . For safety purpose it has two air bags.  

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