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I was ripped off when showing my vehicle for sale!

theftvictim theftvictim
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/14
Posted: 01/17/14
09:48 PM

I was ripped off showing a car in person last week. UGH! 0=

Luckily they only stole the title and not the vehicle. I am looking for advice how best to proceed. I have already secured the vehicle, filed a police report and applied for a new title at the DMV. I have also kept a log of events. Any other precautions I should be taking?

It is beginning to unravel now that the alleged perpetrators had a vendetta. I am sharing what happened to me last week only to alert others to be on guard for this particular kind of title ripoff technique. I am also curious to know if this has happened to anyone else. Here is how this dubious title ripoff scam works:

Smooth talking people under aliases and wearing sunglasses say they want to buy and ask to see the title. You hand it to them and they pretend to be checking the vehicle vin but with their back turned title "disappears" and buyer does not return it. Seller demands title back and buyer plays dumb, says they left it in the vehicle, makes up outrageous excuses, hops in vehicle and makes a quick exit never to be seen or heard from again. Sound unbelievable? Well that is exactly what just happened to me when I was showing a rare classic vw westaflia bus worth over $8000 recently.

I have compiled some information on the incident to warn others and you can see it by clicking on the information website link below. Be on guard for this title scam everyone:  

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