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02 Firebird overheats

mdsk150 mdsk150
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/13
Posted: 08/03/13
11:30 AM

My 02 Firebird 3.8L is overheating. I have flushed the motor, had the radiator rodded out, new water pump, 195 thermostat, cap and cleaned the hoses and new coolant. Everything had a reddish sticky film on it. I assumed this was due to the coolent not ever being changed. We have had the car for about 15 months. I changed all this yesterday. Drove the car around the block a few times, had no problem. My daughter drove the car last night and it overheated. They had to add water. I checked it and also added water. When I bled the air out of the system, nothing but steam came out for about 5 min. Then added more water, then more steam. Its like the water is turning to steam in the block before it has a chance to circulate. I cant figure it out. There is no water in the oil. Also was thinking of checking the compression. I checked the compression, cylinder 1-150psi, 3-150psi, 5-150psi, 2-150psi, 4-122psi, 6-100psi. I haven't seen any leaks. I was able to secure a funnel about 3 inches above the radiator cap to see if the coolant would still come out, but the coolant still shot out of that and steam still came out of the bleeder valve. I then added over a gallon of water again and again. I use to have a Gran Prix with about the same setup, never had this kind of problem. Could the head gasket be leaking causing the coolant to leak into the cylinder causing it to overheat? Or could some of the water jackets be plugged?  

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