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some early morning problems with transmission.

Ayan_bh Ayan_bh
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 01/01/13
02:06 PM

Hi guys,

I drive a auto trans. 2002 Nissan sentra GXE.The current miles in the car is 79916.I have a problem in the car ,typically in the winter mornings.Once I start the car and warm up for 2~5 min. initially it gives a little jerk to shift to the second gear.But the major issue is even if I drive it for next few miles the car never shifts to the 4th gear and therefore reads higher rpm to reach the same speed than the normal stage.Only after 10 minutes drive the car gets back to 4th gear and there onwards runs smooth. I am not sure whether this is a serious issue or not.I fear whether eventually this may damage the transmission system.Anyone has any idea?


Big3Believer Big3Believer
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/13
Posted: 02/25/13
08:01 PM

I am not a mechanic - but here is my opinion.

Cold weather can make cars do crazy things and sounds really bad!  That said, a stiff shift when it is cold wouldn't concern me too much but the cold should not prevent the transmission from beings able to engage all of the gears.  

My humble opinion:  You've got bigger problems than just cold weather.  I'd get your transmission checked out.  

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