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bashing of Chrysler products

miccon miccon
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/27/10
09:42 AM

I saw Jean Jennings from the Detroit auto show recommending not to buy Chrysler products. Seems like every comparison test Mopars always finish last. You bash their interiors, the ride, the engine etc. I would like to blame you guys, all of the automotive press for the downfall of the American autos. Now that Toyota has this big recall I hope they will suffer much as Audi did in the 80's with their problems. Get off their high horse.I detest Asian cars only because of the unfair trade. Huge tariffs are put on anything American branded imported to countries like Japan and Korea. Fair trade is not fair, not to us. As long as Japan keeps importing ivory legally and illegally, slaughtering whales for research, (which end up at the market place),and bashing to death thousand of dolphins each year, I will never buy a rice burner. I hate to see Chrysler fail. I am an American and believe in suportting American workers. I have never seen anything negative on blogs about the Sebring and Avenger. They are not the best looking cars, and think that the designers should be fired. We have to start backing American car companies, or else China will be a dominate player very soon. Remember your Japanese car was once an American car.  

Jim Demestihas Jim Demestihas
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/18/12
12:39 PM

I own two Chryslers and can attect to the poor quality. They also do not change/correct issues. They repeat the same problems year after year. Example Cruise control on Plymouth Breezes......same problem for years....its all over the internet...yet no recall. Same for Van air bag light.......but at least they will fix this one........
Need to replace the brakes every 20k miles on the vans.............
Van tranny and tranny cooler leaks develop on all vans after 40k miles....................Vans eat tires too
Theyve earned their rep for poor quality.

As far as being American........the majority of their cars are Canadian made......I do realize Canada is in North America therefore technically made in america.

I have had other cars made in Canada that were great.....Camaro, Grand Marquis, Corrolla, Sidekick sport........ so its not the Canadian worker........Its management and engineering.  

nole1 nole1
New User | Posts: 29 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/30/12
01:05 PM

The old saying goes that if you want luxury, buy Euro.  You'll have the nicest, best driving cars in the world, and they'll last, but you're going to pay through the nose for purchase, parts and maintenance.

If you want dependability, buy Japanese.  They'll run forever, and need little along the way, but they have no style or personality.

If you want cheap style, buy American.  They look great, until you get too close.  Cheap plastics, poor fit and finish...

All that seems to be changing a bit, and I've owned cars from all of the above.  My biggest problem with American cars (my most recent purchase of a new car was in 2010) is that they handle like boats.  I test drove a Ford 500 in 2006, and almost got seasick.  I tried a 2010 Malibu, and I wasn't sure if the steering wheel was even connected to the front wheels.  I drove a 2010 Jeep Patriot, and couldn't get past the droning of the CVT transmission.

I ended up with my Mazda6.  It had the biggest trunk, best steering and even the best styling in its class at the time.  By the way, it was more American than the Fusion at the time.  It was built at the UAW- Flatrock, Michigan plant, with 45% US content, while the Fusion was built in Mexico with 25% US content.  It also felt sportier to drive than the Fusion.  

As for Chrysler, they do have some great looking cars, and the materials are better.  The Challenger, while not as quick or nimble, is the best looking musclecar out there.  The 300 looks great, and I prefer it to the more expensive Cadillacs and the hideous Lincolns.  Ram trucks are easily the best looking, even if they get the worst mileage by far.  The 200- time for a re-boot.  It just doesn't compete.  The new Dart looks like a decent replacement for the dreadfull Caliber (I rented one- more cheap, hard and cheesy plastic than you'd find in ten econoboxes from any other make).  

I'd like to see Chrysler create a competitor for the Miata.  No one has ever built a car that really competes with the Miata at it's pricepoint, and I think that it could be done with better styling and an even lower price.  

bozzlehead bozzlehead
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 10/30/12
11:02 PM

I agree with your sentiments ,but Asian manufacturers suffer tariffs too.
Can someone explain "chicken tax" on this site/forum? When North Americans start to diminish their consumption of industrial factory farmed cattle and chicken then the
other nations that practice cruel consumption/harvest policy's Rhino horn, Tiger Penis, Bear bile, Ivory, Shark fin, Whales ,Dolphins etc.. Might be inclined to
follow the same enlightened policy's  ps this to reply miccon or is that niccon??  

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