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Golden Drops Fuel Additive

gdnikc gdnikc
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/21/12
01:02 PM

Hi, I have this new product, Golden Drops, that I am marketing. This product will increase your gas mileage on gas engines and diesel engines by between 10%-25% and believe it or not, even more on the highway. It will also reduces hydrocarbon emission in your automobile engine, improves the Cetane number of diesel fuel, reduce engine knock, fight octane requirement increase (ORI) to help eliminate the need for higher than recommended octane gasoline, fight valve recession in engines designed to use unleaded gasoline and inhibits the formulation of combustion chamber deposits.
One needs to use only one ounce per 12 gallons of fuel.
To get things rolling I have 2 ounce sample bottles that I will send to you for FREE, including free shipping. All I ask is that you try it! And leave feedback here.
You can contact me at
Stop giving your money to the oil companies!!!

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