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Need to indetify car logo

Andras Jákup Lindenskov Petersen Andras Jákup Lindenskov Petersen
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/15/12
11:01 AM

The parents of a friend of mine have just bought a new car, but neither of them nor the friend know the car brand, i dont have a picture as of yet, but i have gotten the logo explained as a black spade surrouneed by a black circle.

Can somone please identify the car brand?  

nole1 nole1
New User | Posts: 29 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/18/12
09:01 AM

Sounds like a Mazda, though the black color sounds like it was painted, and was originally chrome.  This emblem comes from the Zoraostrian god, Mazda, which is where Mazda gets its name.  The emblem is actually a stylized flame, as Mazda was a creation god.  I had the emblem on my 99 Miata, 93 MX-6 and 96 Protege.  Mazda replaced the emblem with a stylized flying M a few years ago.

Mazda is now coming out with a Club edition Miata.  It has a black club emblem (Like in a deck of cards), and lots of blackout trim.  I saw one the last time I took my Mazda6 in for service.  

banned1234567880Z banned1234567880Z
Moderator | Posts: 319 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 10/19/12
10:50 AM

Here's Mazda's latest logo.  I don't know what's wrong with Mazda but they can't seem to stick with the same logo.

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