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Altima Transmission Problem

Lamy2000 Lamy2000
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 03/18/12
01:31 PM


I have an Altima with automatic transmission.

When I engage the rear gear, and depress the gas pedal just a little, the vehicle accelerate violently. Then when I release the gas pedal, the motor (and the vehicle) continue to run at high speed.

I have to depress the brake pedal to stop the vehicle, but the motor continue to run at high speed.

Only when I put the gear into neutral, will the motor reduce its speed (to idle).

What can be the cause of this behavior? It is like a gas pedal stick, but this occurs only when I engage the rear gear. I can drive the car with the gear in the D, 2 or 1 position without trouble.  

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