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2008 Honda Odyssey Transmission Problem

joycevprice joycevprice
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/12
Posted: 02/27/12
01:57 PM

I responded to a recall in 2010 - and had the "judder" issue fixed.  They used a "program update" to fix it.  Now it has the same symptoms - the car shakes at about 40 mph while accelerating.  I took it in.  They said it needs a new torque converter.   $1800.  They think I should pay.  I think not.  It is a recurrance of a recall issue.  I'm at 98,000 miles.  I just started the fight with Honda.  So far the service rep, the service dept mgr and the Honda Cutomer service 800 # have gotten me nowhere.  I have read all the forums and learned a lot.  I am sharing my experience on forums and will join class action, contact the lawyer, BBB, NHTSA, FL Atty. General, and a letter to my Senator to bring awareness and fair resoltion. Any other suggestions appreciated!  Confused  (PS Honda 800 number - the lady was actually antagonizing me by repeating the same frustrating statement [up to 2 days for a case manager to call me] - she knew she was getting me upset and she was enjoying it)  Mad  

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