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Halloween topic: Cars to resurrect.

tt618 tt618
User | Posts: 78 | Joined: 05/10
Posted: 10/15/11
05:56 PM

With Halloween approaching, I though the subject of bringing things back from the dead would be apropos.  I started thinking about cars that I loved in my high school years.  After all, that's when most of us have our automotive "first loves".  Heres a list of some cars I'd love to see in a modern interpretation:

1. Porsche 944 - such great lines!
2. Mitsubishi Starion - high tech cool of it's day. rwd.
3. Honda CRX - sorry, the CR-Z doesn't cut it for me-too complicated and heavy.
4. Buick Riviera - a styling classic - the way Buick is going, I'd love to see a 2-door in their line up.
5. Audi Allroad - just plain cool
6. Toyota FJ - a real one, not the joke they have now.
7. Toyota Supra
8. Jeep Wagoneer
9. Ford Thunderbird- not a retro softie like the last one, but a modern SC.
10. Jeep Comanche- A useful pickup, unlike to one based on the Wrangler.  

banned1234567880Z banned1234567880Z
Moderator | Posts: 319 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 10/16/11
07:17 AM

That's an interesting idea you have there TT.  My feelings about your selections are:

1. Since the 944 has slowly been evolving, even though you can argue the 944 and Boxster don't have much in common, they're still the entry level Porsche.  I think it would be cool if they gave the Boxster original 914 looks.  I can't picture it happening though since Porsche has always been a progressive company with no time to waste with retro, even if the 911 still embodies the original 1963's looks.  It sure would be nice though if Porsche could make the 2011 911 weigh as much as the original 911's 2380 pounds though.

2. Can't say I ever cared much for the 3000 or Mitsubishi's challenge to the Supra and 2+2 Z Car. I even turned down a trade offer when somebody tried to trade me its successor (the 3000) for my 1994 Sentra SE-R.  If somebody offered me the original Eclipse GSX for it though, I might have checked that out

3. Since I owned a 1986 CRX Si, I'm disappointed with the compromised CR-Z too. The problem with it is Honda thought they could get away with putting all 3 of the original CRX's trim levels in one car.  It turned out to be a compromise that left a lot of people disappointed.

4. If anything bring back the boat tail Riveria.  That's not to say the originals weren't good looking too.  What came after the Boat Tail though was pretty dull.

5. Even if the Allroad reminds me a little of the Outback, I'd still take it over a compromised crossover or crossdresser as I've always called them.  I can't say I was ever excited about it though.  Although it does beat the Q3's bloated looks.

6. The new FJ is an ugly machine, not much of a seller.  Back in the day I did see more of the original Land Cruisers on the streets than what I see of the FJ now.

7. I remember a friend of mine had the original Supra.  I didn't care much for it. I just thought of it as a Celica with a more powerful V6 in it at the time. Seems like there's a lot more fans of the last generation Supra though than the first.

9. The Thunderbird might work if it had a more powerful engine.  I'll still give FoMoCo credit for bringing back the 2 seater bird, it's too bad they got it wrong. It's too bad they let the T-Bird moniker now sleep and gather dust, much like GM did with the Camaro for awhile too.  

Sorry, no comment about the Jeeps, I never was much of a fan of theirs.  If anything I'd still take the 2 door Wrangler though out of all their machines.  I'd rather just have fold down rear seats though instead of a pickup bed. That reminds me of what a slow seller the Escalade is now with the pickup bed on it. If you're going to do anything like that, why not bring back the original El Camino or GMC's version of it the Caballero.  I actually saw a Caballero at a car show this year. With the El Camino still getting all the credit, I forgot about its sibling Caballero  Grin

Other cars I'd like to see come back are the 240Z.  Since engines are more powerful than they were back in the 70's, I'd like to see Nissan finally reduce the size of the Z's engine and go back to a smaller, lighter Z car.  It would be cool too if BMW had the guts to bring back something the size of the original Mini Cooper.  Right from the start when I saw BMW's version of it, I was disappointed with its size.  

bmwwheels_fanatic bmwwheels_fanatic
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 10/17/11
02:51 AM

Cool. Reminds me of my childhood. Love those cars too.  

tt618 tt618
User | Posts: 78 | Joined: 05/10
Posted: 10/17/11
03:55 PM

I forgot one more!  The Honda Prelude!  

banned1234567880Z banned1234567880Z
Moderator | Posts: 319 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 10/17/11
04:59 PM

I believe Honda dropped the Prelude since basically the Accord Coupe they've got now is pretty much what the Prelude would be now minus some cosmetics.  

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