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My brand new 2011 Kia Sportage MISFIRE IN ENGINE

reglein5 reglein5
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 11/10
Posted: 11/01/10
05:51 AM

Frown  Misfire in engine 2 times in the first 300 miles on road! Kia Motors says it needs a new intake cover and it is on backorder. 7 days at house,starting on week 2 of sitting in shop with no part available till a boat comes from Korea.  My question is there anything else I should be worried about or make the dealership check out since i am stuck with this vehicle Frown  

tj55901 tj55901
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 11/10
Posted: 11/20/10
12:03 PM

look into lemon law then quickly trade for american vehicle and be happy .  

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2017 Kia Sportage
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