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Software/websites for car maintenance reminders?

kplatfoot kplatfoot
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 07/18/10
05:54 PM

How do you keep track of scheduled maintenance for your cars?  I've been looking around for good solutions (specifically, software/websites) to track maintenance for my 2005 Acura RSX-S, and I found several apps out there (some free), but they all seemed kinda half-baked.

Since I'm a software engineer, it occurred to me that I could probably put together a nice web-based car maintenance reminder service that would put the others to shame.  I'm envisioning a site where you add your vehicle, set up some recurring maintenance tasks (or just accept the defaults like oil change every 3K miles), and then get email/SMS reminders when maintenance is due.  Maybe also a feature for tracking gas mileage.

If I were to build something like this, who here would be interested?  Would you be willing to pay a small monthly subscription to use the service (say, $5-10/month)?  Are there any "killer" features you can think of that would definitely make it worth your time/money?

Thanks for any feedback.  I *think* something like could be a success, but before I invest any time, I wanted to get some honest opinions from real car enthusiasts like you.  Laugh  

Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson
Moderator | Posts: 161 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 07/19/10
10:09 AM

I'm not exactly sure if you mean something that will plug into the car's OBD or ECU to automatically track maintenance or just a program online. I think the auto tracker, similar to what GM does with OnStar, is an awesome idea. I know too many people who have killed a car because they didn't pay attention to maintenance. I also know many people who just believe a car will run without performing any sort of maintenance...

A couple of features that would be nice, but more time consuming to design would be a fuel economy calculator that gave efficiency driving tips. You'd have to monitor throttle and braking inputs, amongst other things, but could really help drivers concerned about fuel economy. Just a plain fuel economy tracker is also a good idea. If marketed properly, I think it could really catch on.  

bbbvw bbbvw
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 10/10
Posted: 10/13/10
06:44 PM

Check out how other successful apps are marketed and sold. Base yours on that. What I've seen is a few bucks to buy fine, a recurring cost no.  

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