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qcm10 qcm10
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 04/10
Posted: 04/10/10
03:35 PM

I purchased my Fusion new in Oct. 2009. It now has approx 18,100 miles and the transmission started to slip when I would pass some one. I started to pull out of the gas station the other day and gunned it only to have the engine rev to 6500 rpm and then the transmission kicked and slammed hard before taking off.

I notified my dealership and he took my information and said he would look on the Ford web site. The next day, I was sitting at a red light and started to take off only to have my car again, sit there and rev to 6500 several times before taking off after a hard slam. The dealer called and said Ford has a lot of problems listed with this transmission. Anyone else know of this???

I took the car to the dealership on Good Friday after my second issue and they rented me a car after contacting Ford. They said it would take a week or so to review and get back with me. About mid week I was told that there is a condition in the valve body with one of the bores being oversized whereas the fluid is blowing past the valve after it heats up, thus causing the slippage.

I stopped in today unannounced to see how much longer it is going to be and was greatly surprised and greatly disappointed to find that they had completelty removed everything except the engine, and I mean everything!!! The transmission, the front suspension, the half shafts, struts, brakes, etc.

I told the dealer that I was not upset with them as much as I was with Ford because they created this problem. This is a new car in which they now have dissaembled the entire front half of it in order to "correct" the problem. Their intention is to use all of the origional fasteners saying they can match all of the alignments set by the factory, the torques, etc.

Secondly, I was upset that the transmission covered in oil was laying on a table open to dust, dirt, pollen, etc. in anything other than a clean enviroment. The converter was laying uncovered on the floor along with the suspension, brake or transmission lines, etc. in a pool of transmission fluid.

I have worked on several programs with Ford and know that they would never allow such shabby workmanship from a supplier, why from their dealerships???

Is there someone else experiencing this same issue and who did you contact for help? I am to the point I want to trade (at Fords expense) or give this car back as I feel it will never be right and will ultimately cause me more grief long term down the road..... and feel this is not what I paid good money for.

Has anyone else had this problem with their transmission and if so what has Ford done to support this issue???

Help!!!!! Frown  

vannybrooke vannybrooke
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 06/10
Posted: 06/09/10
10:46 AM

How did everything turn out for you???
My car is now in the shop at Ford for the 2nd time fore the same problem.  The first time it was in for 8 days and they said they found nothing and we are at day 9 for this round.  I am getting very frustrated with Ford as well because they want to re-build my transmission.  It is a new are, it should have a new functioning transmission.  We have been working with a corporate customer care consultant and that is getting me no where.  I want a safe and reliable car and I don't have that right now and they will not let me trade for a different car...  I am very unhappy about how this has been handled.
Ford keeps acting like this is all news to them with this issue and there are so many others in the same boat as us.
Please let me know how you fixed this situation.

tcesni tcesni
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 07/26/10
12:46 PM

I assume that when you saw your tranny in the shop that you noticed it was a conventional transmission and not a CVT - but that is beside the point.  Obviously you have a bad transmission and I hope that by now you were contacted by Ford as part of their recall for their 6-speed automatics installed in Fusions and Escapes (and related models).  

enufsenuf enufsenuf
New User | Posts: 22 | Joined: 10/10
Posted: 10/16/10
08:03 AM

WHAT RECALL?  We are now waiting on our second "TRANSMISSION TRANSPLANT" in our 2010 Fusion.  The dealers we have been in contact with (4 throughout our travels) know nothing about a recall!  I would love to inform them about it!!!
We flat tow this car and it really shouldn't be.  The Ford Customer Service Division seems to work independantly of FORD, because if they would add up all the transmission related service and give it to someone, it wouldn't take a "rocket scientist" to know that the tranmissions are dangerously DEFECTIVE!!!!
The dealers tell me their hands are tied because Ford assures them the cars can be flat towed. So the sales department keeps selling the Fusions and Escapes as recreational towable.
I have filed 2 complaints with the National Auto Highway Safety Group but only got an email confirmation from them.  I believe Ford is paying groups to keep this DEFECT cover up.  

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