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1996 Honda Accord varying operating temperature in the winter......

shaun28 shaun28
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 12/08/09
11:45 PM

My '96 Accord (as well as others I have owned of this same body style) has had issues staying at a normal operating temperature in the winter months(in Arizona of all places).   I only have 106k on this Accord.  I can start the car and let it idle and the car will warm up fine to a normal temperature, but when I get going on the road, the temp. will drop to a below normal level especially if the heater is on.   I can come to a red light or slow traffic and the engine temp. will warm back up, but once I get going the temp. will drop again.   Normally I would check the thermostat on the car, but I have owned a '94 Accord and a 2nd '96 Accord and they all had this same issue.   The car runs nice and cool during the summer, they just seem to run much cooler in the winter.   What could this be, is it a known quirk and will it cause damage to my car?  

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