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I would Never Do Business at Ottawa Honda Again

piazzi piazzi
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/17/09
09:19 PM

If you live in Ottawa, and you are in the market for a Honda, I would advise against going to Ottawa Honda at 955 Richmond Road.

If you really have to buy from Ottawa Honda on Richmond Road, I would advise against dealing with J. P. Gauthier.

If you really have to deal with J. P. Gauthier, I would advise you get every condition you want in writing on paper, his words mean nothing to him.

I negotiated a Civic for my wife. I told the salesperson, J. P. Gauthier of Ottawa Honda that I did not want my car to have more than 20 km on it. He said that they never sold a new car with more than 20-25 km

Today we went to pick the car, and I asked him what the mileage was on the car and he said all new Honda's would be 20-25 km. Since I had asked a direct question and he gave me an answer I did not bother checking the mileage prior to signing the papers. After the fact, I realized the car had 90 km on it. I told him he just had said the car had 20 on it. He completely changes his story and said that he had done me a favor, traveled on his day off to Pembroke to drive the car to Ottawa.

I told him I had been very specific about the mileage of the car, and that he had lied to me, He told me I was being ridiculous and used bad word starting with F and Sh in front of my wife,

I am not sure what J. P. Gauthier has dumped on me. It might be a demo car sold to me as new. It might be a car some dealer drove for personal use, who knows?

I have heard that car salesmen do anything to pick a nickel off people. But I had asked a very specific question and set a very specific condition for J. P. Gauthier, and he had given me his word, and he lied right to my face.

There is not much I can do I guess, Ottawa Honda and their sales person J. P. Gauthier took advantage of my trust, and sold a used car to me as new. All I can do is warn as many as I can

I would think twice about taking my business to Ottawa Honda on Richmond Road in Ottawa, Ontario

If that is the type of sales person Honda hires, I would think twice about doing any business with Honda  

chocolat chocolat
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/10
Posted: 11/21/10
12:15 PM

I agree.... Ottawa Honda Pre-Owned also employee scammers.  Randall Eades, a salesman, at Ottawa Honda Pre-owned is also a liar.  He will lie to make a deal on a vehicle and will say "Yes" to any condition you have before your car purchase.  You will be disappointed once the car is delivered to you, only to find out that all of the conditions, written and verbal, were not met and then he will refuse to fix the situation.  This has been my only and last experience with Ottawa Honda.  The owner of Ottawa Honda is not co-operative either.  

I was stuck with the car that I bought as Ottawa Honda refused to take it back, even within a few days after purchase, due to their lack of fulfilling their guarantees and lack of customer service.

After doing some research online and talking to others; word of mouth is that Ottawa Honda has a history of scamming consumers to make a buck or two.  

reeseb reeseb
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/12
Posted: 05/10/12
01:40 PM

Ottawa Honda, a great place to buy a car
I recently bought a new vehicle at Ottawa Honda and I'm kind of surprised at this post. I read things like this from people and it bothers me because rarely do people offer a good review, because they couldnt be bothered. Its only the people who have nothing better to do than bicker about the smallest things, and exagerrate the facts, that seem to have the time for this. I'm not disputing what you are saying, although I do think you are overreacting.

First of all, a car with 90 km is still a new car. If it was brought up form another city, it would have kilometers on it. If it was a company demo, it would have hundredes or thousands. Cars do come from other dealers, they have no choice if they dont have the model there. If you want to pay to have it shipped, it will have no kilometers on it. But that'll be at your cost.  It is not a used car. As for this salesman swearing in fron of you, I highly doubt that. I have bought several cars from these guys over the years, as well as people in my family. I dealt with JP last year when I bought a new CRV and he was nothing but professional. The vehicle had 30 km on it, no biggie, its not used. My last experience with them was hassle free, and I would hate for people to read the other post and think that this place is not a good place to buy a car.

I am a loyal customer and happy to recommend this place to any of my friends. Its unfortunate that people have been reading that last post, with no recourse written about it, and possibly have been thinking bad things. They sell more cars than any Honda dealer in Ottawa: they must be doing something right.

As for the Ottawa Honda Preowned post, they have a 30 day exchange policy. A friend of mine bought a vehicle from them in 2010 and realised after 10 days that it wasnt for her. They exchanged the vehicle for her, no problems at all, and she got something different. I guess eveyones experience is different, perhaps its the way certain people act. Oh well...  

Umang Kumar Umang Kumar
New User | Posts: 28 | Joined: 02/13
Posted: 02/10/13
08:13 PM

Hello Friends,

The fact that Randall had listed the items of concern on the bill of sale himself, showed to us that he was serious about satisfying his clients and gave us peace of mind that the car we are about to invest $17, 803 in, was in good hands. Still, I asked to view the Car Facts on the vehicle we were about to purchase, so I’ll know the history of the vehicle. He presented to us a Car Proof report of the vehicle. He said that it was the same thing as Car Facts, but just a different company. I thoroughly read the Car Proof report that he gave to me. I noticed on the report that there was an Accident Estimate of approximately $400. However, there were no further details of that estimate or what the estimate was for. So, I asked Randall about that estimate. First, he assured me that the vehicle was not in an accident and then lead on to say that he was not too sure what the estimate was for. He said that it was probably for door scratches or something and the previous owner decided not to get the repairs done. However, the scratches on the body were going to be repaired anyways, as guaranteed on the bill of sale. So, in a nutshell, what ever faults were visible to us with the vehicle, Randall had given us a written guarantee that they would be repaired along with the other listed items. We approved the agreement and went ahead with the deal. He told us that the vehicle would be ready in a few days. We told him repeatedly not to rush and to make sure that the car gets repaired according to what we agreed upon. He assured us, once again, not to worry. He took a $500 advance payment on my VISA card and requested that we pay the remainder upon delivery of the vehicle.

Thanks and Regards,
Umang Kumar  

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