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Dash defect inf Fx35 looks like bubbles

angryconsumer angryconsumer
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 09/16/09
03:39 PM

I'll try to be brief.Bought a used 2004 fx35 in may of 07. Love it but started to notice bubbles on dash around feb/09. Called the dealer and found out that the dash was replaced already before I purchased the car. (not disclosed by dealer or carfax). After many discussions with the dealer then consumer affairs.. they have agreed to pay all but $300.00 of repairs.  I refuse to pay $3.00.  They say it is out of warranty.  I say this is not a warranty issue this is a defect issue. Obviously there is a problem Infiniti .... if owners are reporting this happening..  What needs to be done to get a recall or class action lawsuit? I have spoken as high as the regional manager for either southwest florida of florida as a whole.  Now I am waiting to hear from HER supervisor.  I will not let this rest...  They Have millions... These cars are not cheap... They blame it on the heat here ( I live in southwest florida). Then  there should be a warning attached with the vehicle if you live in a hot climate do not buy this car.......Any one got any ideas??  If I don't get satisfaction from the regional persons boss than I will go to the local media consumer reporters and see if I can get some help there. Sorry not very brief after all.  

lihle lihle
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 09/22/09
05:34 PM

I have the same problem.  I have a 2005 fx35 and at 28k miles, July of 08 dealer replace the dash board.  Now 14 months, 40k miles later the same problem.  I have been on the phone with Infinity consumer affairs and they have denied to help me.  SHAME ON THEM for replacing it knowing they were giving me defective dashboard.  I have to look at those bubbles every day.  I will be going to the local dealer in the next few days but I do not expect much results from them but you never know!  Let me know if you get anywhere! I will never buy another ifinity and I am also a car loan officer for a credit union.  I will make sure to tell all my members never to buy an Infinity. Frown  Frown  

jcly1955 jcly1955
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 09/29/09
05:35 PM

I just got done blasting my 29 year old daughter (who is a RN) for spraying something on her dashboard that ate it up (bubbled). Shame on me for not checking on line to see if other fx35 owners had the problem first. I just called her back to apoligize. She works hard for her money and this is a damm shame that Infinity will not stand behind this known defect. I'm just getting started...I will contact everybody I can to get this resolved for her. Jim Clynes Tarpon Springs fl. E-mail  

topanga1 topanga1
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/07/09
03:26 PM

Have a 2004 FX35 and the bubbles are spreading every week.  Went to the dealer and they just said to go to a repair shop.  This is unacceptable.
Infiniti has lost its quality image for me if they will not repair it.  Its a defect and they won't acknowledge it.  We should all send messages to the Infiniti website complaining.  

Marcelo7 Marcelo7
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/08/09
05:28 PM

I AM ALSO HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM WITH THE DASH BOARD ON MY 2003 FX35.GENTLEMAN THIS IS NOT A CHEAP CAR!So consumers are one more time been robed.This issue should be a recal by Infinity.This is not a cosmetic problem only,is also a safety issue been that my air bag is malfunction.What's going to take to solve this safety issue?Some body to die?Maybe Infinity shoud only sell this vehicle on states were there is low temperatures.I am tired of the run around from Infinity dealers in south florida.I what to go further and to better bussiness berau and DOT.  

manvill manvill
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/12/09
06:08 PM

WOW!! I feel the pain as well.  I went to my Local infinti dealer and they LIED to me.  They told me is because I spayed amor-all or some type of chemical on the dash board.  They told me that it was my fault!  I explained to them that I did not spary anything and that it seems to show up when it's hot only, thats when the bubbles increase.  They said it was the buyers resposibity to replace the dash board which cost about $2,900.00 to do. Now my dash board is covered with bubbles that look like warts.  Its very nasty which remains me everyday of how I hate the car.

Has anyone gotten anything out of them (infinti).

First what a sorry workmanship, second they blmed me for the bubbling dash board!

I will post all my remarks everywhere I can to warn people and discourage them to buy any infinti brand cars!

manny in Houston tx!  

llama01 llama01
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/19/09
11:13 AM

I have the same problem with the dashboard (2004 FX 35), and Infiniti is not willing to cover the cost. I believe that we will need to band together in order to get infiniti to address this problem. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this please post suggestions.  

i10620 i10620
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/23/09
07:43 PM

I have been a satisfied Infiiti FX35 owner with the exception of the dash bubble issue. My issue surfaced around 60K miles. I agree with all the comments in this forum. For the amount we have invested in these vehicles Infiniti should address this issue in a recall. This will definitely impact my owner loyalty when it comes to purchasing my next vehcile.

J. Anderson  

tinast tinast
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/26/09
01:38 PM

I have a 2005 FX35 that has been bubbling for over a year.  Infiniti refuses to pay for 100% of the repair because I took it in after the 40,000 mark (i'm at 43,567).  They offered to repair it for $535.  I'm sorry, but this is a defect and Infiniti should have to pay for it at this mileage.  I've tried consumer affairs three times but they refuse to pay 100% as it's over their warranty. I guess I could have taken it in a few months back when it was still under warranty, however after reading this entire forum I doubt that a new dash would last much longer anyway.  I would love to get this to CNN.  I've contacted BBB Auto Line, but I doubt they will help out.

If anyone has anyway of getting this to a news agency please contact me and I will push back.  For now I will no longer buy an infiniti again since they obviously will not stand by their product.  My contact information is Mad  

gwingatetx gwingatetx
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 10/30/09
04:00 PM

I have a 2004 FX35 with the same problem.  This is really stupid of Infiniti.  Mine started bubbling right at 4 years, at which point I had about 100K miles and it was well out of warranty.  The point is, the dashboard doesn't wear out by how far it is driven!  It is an age issue caused by a defective bonding process that is made worse by the heat.  The dashboard looks like crap now at 5 years and I have been refused any help.  My cost will be $1170 to get it replaced.

For people who are trying get this done, if you are out of warranty you will have to lie to get them to fix this.  The dealer wants to help (they want you to come back) but Infiniti is making the decision.  So, when you call the Infiniti problem line at 800-622-6200 to report this and file a claim, they will ask you how many miles are on the car.  Make sure you state that it is under 60,000.  They base a BIG part of the decision on customer loyalty.  They will also ask you where you get the oil changed and tires replaced.  You say, "Oh, I would never go anywhere but the dealer for any service work.  I don't trust anyone else.  This is my third Infiniti and I take real good care of them."  Then they will review it and call you back in a couple of days.  Good luck.

For everyone else, make sure you look carefully for any and all defects in the dash before your warranty runs out, especially if you live in a hot climate.  They are really being pr**ks on this.  

kcogburn kcogburn
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/09
Posted: 11/17/09
01:04 PM

My Infiniti is 2007 and only has 38,000 miles on it. The bubbles started popping up last week. Does anyone have a suggestion for me to get replacement dash for free? What successes have you had?  

stephaniesluder stephaniesluder
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 12/01/09
11:44 AM

I have a 2005 FX35 and also have bubbles! They showed up recently and are multiplying.  I only had about 40,000 miles on the car when I first noticed them. I am onboard with anyone who wants to do a mass complaint.  I, too, am sorely disappointed with the workmanship on such an expensive and highly rated vehicle.  Keep me in the loop for any updates, please.  


mayasum mayasum
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/09
Posted: 12/24/09
09:34 AM

Wow people, I have a FX35 2003 with 66k that I bought used and I love my car. My dashboard is cracking out of control and it's driving me crazy. I have not sprayed a darn thing so I can't be the cause. I will be calling Infiniti after the holidays because this is BS for such a beautiful car.  

emmanreyes1983 emmanreyes1983
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/05/10
05:24 PM

I bought  my wife an 06 Fx35, I also own a G35 coupe. I love both cars but our Fx35 started bubbling really bad about 6 months ago, we live in Texas So we do have really hot summer days, I even blamed my poor wife for not taking care of it, but I as can see it wasn't my wife's fault after all! I love both of our Infinity cars but I can't believe this is happening to an Infinity as we all agree this cars aren't CHEAP! We now have purchased extended warranty because we have 88k on it, but even then I'm having problems with them! Infinity should definately do a recall! I have no choice but to get it upholstered and fix the problem once and for all! please keep me updated maybe we would all be heard by Infinity my email is  

llcoollam llcoollam
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/10
Posted: 01/09/10
04:13 PM

Everyone, I found a class action law suit regarding this online. Please look into the website below. Everyone with this issue should get involved so we ca get this matter taken care of.  

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