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Ohhhh Noooo - Glue-on Brembo brake caliper covers

trev0006 trev0006
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 07/08
Posted: 08/12/08
04:51 PM

Ohhhh Noooo - Glue-on Brembo brake caliper covers
11 Fakebrembos
12 Fakebrembos
Ae6f 1
Poseurs, take note: you can finally corral all that imaginary power your Hyundai Elantra SRT8 isn't making underhood. Eric Hsu at JDM Insider's Beyond the Dyno blog came across what'll doubtless be the latest trend to show up on M-badged Plymouth Breezes everywhere: bogus, glue-on brake caliper covers that give you the high-performance Brembo look while perfectly maintaining your fakemobile's incomprehensible lameness. When it comes to things that suck, innovation knows no bounds.

What a joke. Frown  

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