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Volvo C30

taildraggin taildraggin
User | Posts: 76 | Joined: 04/08
Posted: 07/25/08
07:27 PM

Wading through the burned out remains of the auto market, I test drove a couple of Volvo C30s today.  The '1.0' version was OK.  Mild but the '2.0' was very impressive for its competance, style and quality.  I was very impressed.  

I'd call it a 'premium' hatch - which may or may not mean anything good.  I think that config will become significant, particularly when it looks as interesting as the C30.  (The new Scirroco fits into that new area, as does the 128.  Neither of which we get here, but the practicality of the configuration must eventually emerge here.)

While the sport 2.0 is not a 'track car', handling and power are firmly in the 'all you need' for a road car.  I wrung it out on some country roads and took it back to the dealer.  I told the salesman that I'd checked it over pretty well and he grinned and asked to go out with me again to see how I drove it.  Pretty funny.  Used a very desolate rotary as a skidpad for a couple laps and sling shot out through the 'flow control' chicane, full run up, hard braking, switchback hairpin, etc.  All very nice.  6 speed/clutch were very good once you tuned into its light feel.  Very quiet inside; had to keep glancing to see how many RPM were in and used mostly 2nd and 3rd.  As written by mags, the steering had a little vagueness, but the total performance was very good for a daily driver.

Interior materials are very nice quality and I like the clean Scan styling inside and out.  Back seats are very good and it's roomy, though getting in back was a little awkward.  Big door, also mentioned by the mags, was my only niggle.  You might park yourself into the car someday.  We had a 2-door Electra 225 when I was a kid, and...

I'm starting to look at something for myself to commute and visit clients in (my carpetless, lifted TJ is not always the best at this) and like very much the style, quality and performance.  It's a sleeper.  

Graduate, Rodan School of Automotive Design

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