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Prius or Golf TDI?

chuck2oonz chuck2oonz
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 06/08
Posted: 06/09/08
03:10 PM

Help! I'm in the market for a new car (I'm definitely buying used) and I want better gas mileage.  I'm considering a 2006 prius, but I'm also considering a 2006 golf TDI.  I don't know a whole lot about diesels but I've been doing some reading and it seems like that with my big highway commute it might be a better option than a hybrid.   I'd appreciate any feedback, particularly on the diesel!  Here are the two cars :  

marc.noordeloos marc.noordeloos
User | Posts: 174 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 06/17/08
08:27 AM

The Golf will be much more fun to drive and the highway mileage will be excellent. The Prius will most likely be more economical in the city. The big issue now is the price of diesel fuel and that the older TDI engines aren't that clean. You'll enjoy the VW more but my love for diesel vehicles is dulled by the fuel cost. The Prius should also be more reliable. Drive them both and buy the one you like.  

MazdaManiac86 MazdaManiac86
New User | Posts: 45 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 06/19/08
12:41 AM

I second that recommendation.  The Golf TDI is a fantastic little car that's both fun and fuel efficient.  The highway mileage is awesome, and the interior is light years ahead of the Prius'.  The only downsides I can see to owning the VW is the current outrageous price of diesel and some reliability issues from that generation of Golf.  The Prius, while reliable, is ugly, slow, and no fun whatsoever.  You should also remember that hybrids are still a relatively new development, and it's unclear what kinds of problems and expenses may emerge as the cars age.  However, depending on where you live, the Prius could be an awesome commuter car if you face miles of congested highways.  Here in California the Prius gets special privileges in the carpool lane, allowing you to travel solo and potentially saving you a ton of time on the road.  I don't know if your commute involves carpool lanes or if your state allows this, but it's something to take into consideration.  

chuck2oonz chuck2oonz
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 06/08
Posted: 06/25/08
01:53 PM

thanks guys, appreciate all your comments.  

feliciatwo feliciatwo
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 03/08
Posted: 05/06/10
10:14 AM

Golf TDI rated abouve average in reliability for past 3 years. Fit and finish is much nicer than Prius....and the TDI is FUN. I also love the access. in the the VW plus its German handling. In ANY vehicle the reliability issue varies from one vehicle to another, and as we all no between the Prius and the Golf , the Prius was the last one to be recalled.  

ede.luva ede.luva
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/01/11
09:38 AM

I don't know if you have made a decision, but I am a VW salesman and I regularly have people that paid $2000 over sticker for a 2004-2005 Prius and want to trade it in on a diesel.  Mostly they are realizing that they are approaching an exorbitant charge for a battery replacement (as much as $6k-$8k), which is nearly what the car is worth at that point.  When we have drivers getting 200,000 - 400,000 miles out of a diesel engine I don't see the comparison.  Not to mention the everyday driving experience.  VWs are made for people who LOVE to drive, Toyotas are made for people who HAVE to drive.  You're not coming to buy a car from me, so I have no reason to be misleading.  Try taking the Prius to your local track day, somebody will punch you in the mouth at the gate for even suggesting such a thing!  

mwatters mwatters
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 06/11
Posted: 07/14/11
10:38 AM

I'm going to have to disagree with the previous posting.  Toyota has done a lot to improve the driving experience of its Prii models.  For example, just this month the company released the Prius PLUS Performance Package, giving drivers the best of both worlds - a great ride AND great fuel efficiency.  

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