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Cars you'd just as soon forget

askogstrom askogstrom
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 04/08
Posted: 05/09/08
09:13 AM

Lots of people feel nostalgia for cars they formerly owned. Me—not so much. Here’s a partial list:

1977 Saab 99 hatchback: Would only start when the engine was cold. Consequently, we left the car running when going to the store or running other quick errands. Practically begged for someone to steal it, but no luck, even though it stood out like a sore thumb with its bright aqua blue paint.

1977 Fiat 131 SuperBrava: Bought for only $2000 used and driven for 5 years, so it actually wasn’t a bad purchase. But the driver’s seat broke, the (aftermarket) sunroof leaked, and the windows wouldn’t roll up or down. Lived in Florida at the time, but it rode on snow tires because we couldn’t afford new ones. Given to a friend to settle a $75 debt.

1981 VW Rabbit diesel: It got great mileage (50 mpg), but it practically needed a push from behind to make it over a mountain pass, which, considering we lived in Colorado, was not a good thing. Sustained major hail damage that we never bothered to fix, so its body was cratered like the surface of the moon.

What cars have you owned that make you wonder “what was I thinking?” when you purchased them?  

marc.noordeloos marc.noordeloos
User | Posts: 174 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 05/12/08
10:56 AM

Thanks Amy...

I love the Saab 99 and nearly bought a well used 99 Turbo in about 1991. Looks like it wasn't too good for you then.

My list of cars is as follows. The only issue is that I don't regret owning any of them:

-'83 VW Rabbit GTI: Still my favorite and I keep looking for one to buy but they are all thrashed.

-'83 Audi 4000S: A good car that didn't die, even when it had near 300,000 miles.

-'79 BMW 320i: I know this car doesn't get a lot of respect from BMW geeks but I liked it. Mine was mint condition and an early 2 liter, 4-speed car.

-'86 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro: A fabulous car that laughed at winter, could hit 140 mph, and get 25 mpg when driven nicely on the highway.

-'88 Audi 90 Quattro: I love the growl of an Audi 5-cyl engine and this was yet another good car for Michigan weather. I always wished I bought a 20-valve version.

-'95 VW GTI VR6: I loved the engine and the speed (it was modified) but a week in Europe in a well-speced Opel Astra told me that VW really lost the plot in regards to chassis dynamics on the GTI. I sold it the week I got back from across the pond.

-'95 Volvo 850 Wagon: I good car that had the best seats ever, was good in the snow (for FWD), and could hold a ton of stuff.

-'91 VW Jetta: Had all the Jetta GLI mods inside and out except the engine plus a very trick suspension setup. Handled like a dream and it never broke despite beating on it harder than any car I've ever owned.

-'02 Mini Cooper S: The first Cooper S to hit Chicago. Red with a white roof. Loved the car and sold it for more than I paid.

-'03 Mini Cooper S: Silver with a black roof. Replaced the red Mini. Had a riot with this car and sold it for what a paid for it after nearly a year. Ditching the run flat tires made the ride much better.

-'02 Subaru WRX: Still one of my favorites as I drove it hard and loved it when the snow fell (on winter tires). Still a great car today. The early 2-liter cars are just so much fun and raw. It never broke. I only sold it because I entered the press car world at Automobile.  

tzh1 tzh1
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/08
Posted: 05/13/08
11:28 PM

just like the history list  

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