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Nissan's new cars

hammatime hammatime
Enthusiast | Posts: 303 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 11/28/07
05:40 PM

Well,my wife and I were cruising through the  new car lots on Thankgiving day and we came across the new Sentra and we found one unlocked so we got a chance to just sit in the thing and check it out.

What a nice interior!

The outer style of the car in kind of econobox deluxe but in my eyes it looks stylish and current without being stupid looking.

A nice get you there car.

Sat in the six speed sporty Sentra SE-R as well.

Nice loose my license car to be

The new Altima got some high praises from a new owner I got to question about his car-he loved his new Altima.

The new two door Altima coupe has some great lines on it,much better to me then the Honda Accord two door coupe which looks busy on the outside.

This car is getting alot of buyer attention for Nissan.

The Versa is a departure for Nissan in that it is a small van style car in the type similar to Honda's new Fit car.

But unlike the Fit,the Versa looks bigger,chunkier and has a larger presence about it.

Nice get around car smaller than the Sentra but not much so.

I am less enthused about the new Rogue.

The styling looks like someone got scared halfway through the stying of it and went safe and the result is just a weird looking suv.

The Maxima has gotten lost in reference to the newly styled Altima.

Look quick and you'd be forgiven for saying the Atlima was a Maxima.

But the Maxima is to a different customer group that prize a more powerful,personal car.

Very sporty styling still with one of the most recognizable back ends in the business.

The Z is still the best bargain in sporty two seaters in the business and still a great looking car.

And all of Nissan's trucks and vans are big,chunky styled vehicles.

A nice lineup of cars to be sure.  

rahulsharma921895 rahulsharma921895
New User | Posts: 44 | Joined: 08/15
Posted: 10/19/15
10:22 PM

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