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2000 Toyota Avalon with check engine light on ( Revised post)

obafunque43 obafunque43
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 11/25/07
05:24 PM

It looks that for some reason my last post didn't get post. I have a 2000 Toy. Avalon XLS with check engine light on. Through the OBD Scanner I was able to troubleshoot the problem with ended up being the Oxygen sensors. I replaced all three and reset the Computer as indicated. The problem continue after the oxygen sensors replacement with exactly the same codes. Changed again the sensors and the problem continue and of course the check engine light continue on???????? i live in the Houston, Texas area; is anybody knows a reliable shop ( not a dealer0 in where I can get the problem fixed? The car lost power recently and the mileage has dropped to 14 miles per gallon. Please, help. My email is; Thanks in advance.  

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2017 Toyota Avalon
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