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My ZoomZuki (2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara)

musictwin musictwin
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 11/15/07
12:20 AM

I have to give major props to Suzuki and particularly the good people (Mike Henderson, Brian Curtis, and Kathy Parks) at Grapevine Suzuki in Grapevine, Texas.  I had a really bad experience that they magically somehow managed to turn around for me and my guy, Kyle, totally.

We've all heard about, and many of us actually experienced the typical "used car salesman" type.  Well, little did I know, that my own family member would pull one of those infamous, slimey tricks...scams...on me personally.  Bottom line, I got screwed, taken for a "ride" pun intended!

Grapevine Suzuki changed ownership in October '07.  I bought my Reno in July of '07 from some less-than-honest people working at that particular dealership at that particular time.  

Here's what happened y'all!
My boyfriend and I were both buying Suzuki's on the same day this past July.  A friend "connection" in the car biz told us that we could both be driving a new car and that we could roll the remaining $5k still owed on the Dodge Dakota, into the car deal...and he could have us paying around $650 for all three!  WOW...WE THOUGHT.  The Dodge payment was almost that much by itself!

Long story short, after some very "creative" financing, they were able to help us into a payment...all three vehicles to the tune of $850/month.  I have to 9:30 pm, running late for a very important date with our son, we were just ready to sign and be trusting as we are...we managed to sign up for both cars, the extra $5k on the Dodge...TIMES 2!!!  They actually backed the $5k into BOTH cars. Accident?  I.T.N.

Funny thing is...we would have never even noticed it if it hadn't been for the Maritz Research survey that came in the mail...a rather lengthy survey that I almost just threw in the trash (really!)...especially when it started asking questions that required I get out the paperwork to fill in the blanks properly.  That's when I realized...they had charged us TWICE for the damn Dodge!  I stared at the deal for two hours straight, and then called Kyle...

After looking carefully at it, ourselves, and getting other people in-the-know to look at it, too, we determined that we'd been taken for a ride, we informed Grapevine Suzuki of the situation.

They had just recently come under new ownership and luck would have it, within a month of our noticing the error.  They looked at it very carefully (I'm sure they were trying to figure out how in the hell that could have happened!)

"All's well that ends well."

I have never had a more positive experience with a dealership.  You know, we did sign those papers and if they had wanted to be difficult about it, they could have been...after all, it wasn't even their staff who did that deal with us, so how responsible were they really?  But they didn't do us that way.  They made it right because that was the right thing to do.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Grand Vitara.  It has more torque than any of the other small suv's in its class.  And it looks better!  The safety features are great, too!  It has ESP, which means that if the road conditions are bad, it "intuitively" knows how to help correct its traction.  Truth be known, I would have driven that one off the lot the first time, if I'd only known!

I'm a SUZUKI GIRL!  Check me out in my gold Grand Vitara...I'm the pretty blonde lady driving all over DFW, cranking the loud rock music!  Smile   hahaha

Cool Carrie S.

Thank you Grapevine Suzuki...I'm yours forever now!  

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