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Steering wheel audio control lighting

mskoz mskoz
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 10/13/07
12:18 PM

I just got a Suzuki Grand Vitara Sport 4WD a few days ago.
Great car! But last night was the first time that I took it out after dark. WHEW! The interior dashboard, radio, gauges, etc looked like a Las Vegas red light district that exploded! " Where are my sunglasses?".
Who came up with this " mish-mosh " of colored lights designed to take me back to the sixties? " Where was the Fung Shei guy when the dashboard lighting was being designed?
And to top it all off, the audio controls and the cruise control buttons located on the steering wheel have NO backlighting. So I can't see 'em unless I turn the map lights or front cabin light on.
 Sheeesh, and the people in third world countries think that THEY have problems! Well let me tell you.
Oh, the shame of it all. I'll need to actually reach over and use the radio manually.....kinda like losing the remote at home and getting up to change the channel!!! Might as well just leave the station where it is and listen to whatever happens to come on.                 (  Yawn  )...
And cruise control after dark?! Forget it. I'll just pull over to the side of the road, sleep until dawn and then continue my trip.
Seriously, other than the two above mentioned annoyances, I really like this car. Solid build. Good engine. ( 2.7L 6cyl ). Yeah, the gas mileage is crumby but I couldn't afford a Prius and my
100 pound Labrador Retriever would most likely have balked at my other choice.....a Mini Cooper.
Sooooo, after I've had the car for awhile I'll write again and update this review.    Thanks for reading.     Michael K.  

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