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Maybach Coupe, Convertibles coming soon?

sfowle sfowle
Enthusiast | Posts: 507 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 03/21/07
11:46 AM

According to our sources, Maybach plans to extend its range with a new coupe and convertible now that Rolls-Royce and Bentley have already beat them to both. We really, really hope that the coupe looks as menacing as the Exelero concept from a few years back. That would be awesome.  

Austin Cooper Austin Cooper
User | Posts: 167 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 03/21/07
06:58 PM

That Exelero concept looks a little
overkill to me in a Detroit kind of
way none the less.  In fact
I see some of this in it's
rear end too Frown
Chrysler Crossfire Black Line01  

Nick MYW Nick MYW
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 03/23/07
10:42 AM

It looks very cool.  

Stelios Stelios
User | Posts: 105 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 04/01/07
07:34 PM

I agree--A coupe that looks like the Exelero would be awesome.

A Maybach convertible would look great, but I'm not sure that it fits what an executive or VIP is looking for. Someone who buys a Maybach wants to ride in the lap of luxury without the public knowing who is inside, and a convertible defeats that purpose.  

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