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Car of the Year

Whackhead Whackhead
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 03/07/07
11:19 AM

Its digusting! The Ford S-Max! They must be mad. Cars like the Ferrari 599 GTB or the Golf GTI should have taken the prestigious accolade.  

Austin Cooper Austin Cooper
User | Posts: 167 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 03/07/07
09:36 PM

Maybe technically it's classified as a car.  From what I can see of it, it looks more crossdresser to me.  Thus more proof automobile territory has been invaded by crossdressers. Since there's more of these things than I can count now, shouldn't they be handing out crossdresser of the year awards too now? Ford Smax  

Idiot Boy Idiot Boy
User | Posts: 55 | Joined: 12/06
Posted: 03/08/07
12:41 AM

We should have S-Max here to teach American crossdressers a trick or two about show stopping style.  She can dance and she isn’t a big fatazz either so get off her dick already.  

Whackhead Whackhead
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 03/07
Posted: 03/08/07
11:11 AM

I totally agree! Good one!  

hammatime hammatime
Enthusiast | Posts: 303 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 03/13/07
01:41 AM

It is here already.

Honda sellls it.

It's called the Honda Fit.

Slightly smaller,very well built and handles better than a Ferrari under eighty miles per hour.  

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