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Toyota Tundra Pricing Announced

sfowle sfowle
Enthusiast | Posts: 507 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 01/25/07
08:56 AM

Pricing for the new Tundra starts at $22,290 for a base, regular cab, two-wheel-drive stripper model and tops out at $42,495 for luxurious crew cab. Sounds ready to take on the Americans through the whole range. That is, other than the big heavy duty models.  

Carletti Carletti
User | Posts: 62 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 01/27/07
03:55 PM

In my opinion, Toyota has reached a critical point in terms of its future success or failure within the American truck market.  There is no doubt about how much investment is going into making the Tundra more American including, of course, Toyota’s almost too transparent decision to build the Tundra in Texas.  But what catches my eye the most about the new Tundra is just that, transparency.  The new Tundra looks as if it was injected with steroids just so, in my view, that it looks tough.  I think Toyota may eventually encounter a roadblock in selling this new truck if consumers interpret that Toyota is wanting to beat Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge by over plumping the Tundra just to make it look tougher than what the traditional “big three” offer (the Nissan Titan, I think, is a good reference for this).  The truck itself looks kind of cartoon-ish, though, and I think that the overt aggression look can only go so far, especially when one considers that the company that is employing this new “tough” look is also one that champions hybrid cars that look somewhat scared.

The price range is odd, however.  I think that a $22,290 starting point for a truck that definitely does not qualify for super-duty status will not attract the average businessman.  But maybe Toyota already understands that most of the people who buy a Tundra rarely use it for actual truck use anyway, and so these consumers will probably decide the extent of the new Tundra's success or failure.  But didn't someone say gas prices are predicted to climb once again and aren't the mpg estimates a bit better on the new Silverado than on the new Tundra?  

toyotasells toyotasells
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 02/02/07
08:58 AM

First off I would like to make one thing VERY clear...The new Silverado PROJECTED mpg is that a projection. Toyota is the ONLY one to have all their vehicles (trucks included) with all acc. running while true resistance on the ground to get an ave. mpg. NOONE else especially domestics do this. It will be federally mandated in the future and you will see all #'s make a DRASTIC CHANGE, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE TOYOTA'S. As far as the Tundra it will be released with special financing that will help Xplode the new Dominating Tundra.... Noone will be able to compete with Quality,HP to LBs of tourqe, Ride and most of all RELIABILTY.. It may take a couple years but this truck will crush the market!  

Carletti Carletti
User | Posts: 62 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 02/02/07
02:40 PM

See I had an inkling about that future mandate and if, indeed, Toyota performs that procedure with the Tundra (namely turning on the AC, while also loading up the truck, and only then testing its “real” mpg estimates) then I would wait to see Chevrolet’s response to its actual mpg estimates.  Nonetheless, the 17/20 mpg estimate I received from Toyota (on the base 4.0L V6 Regular Cab 4X2) was estimated by the EPA and that exact estimate is also posted on Toyota’s website.  Following this logic, then, I would assume that if you were to load up the Tundra and turn on all of its gadgets, the best the truck could do is 17/20.  For the new Silverado, the EPA estimated that the Chevrolet’s figures are at 17/21 for the base 1500 with the Vortec 4.3L V6, respectively.

In terms of financing, this is to me just a kind of a solace because the truck is expensive in the first place, relative to its competitors.  I don’t know about other consumers, but the first thing that catches my eye is the bottom line.  And if the bottom line doesn’t look favorable, then chances are that I will receive worse financing on a more expensive car than on one that is less expensive.  The Tundra is expensive.  And I can’t understand how a businessman may take a Tundra over an F-150, a Ranger, or a Silverado.

Quality is a relative topic to be quite honest, depending on of course who you talk to.  But I would say that, arguably, the common consensus is that if there’s one thing Detroit knows best, it’s that it produces reliable, long-lasting, durable, strong, and comfortable trucks.  But this appears to not just be my impression of the situation as JD Power and Associates, I assume they’re pretty reliable, gave the 2006 Silverado 1500 a rating of 5 out of 5 in "initial quality," which was better than the 2006 Tundra’s rating of 4 out of 5 (the 2006 F-150 also received a 4).  I would assume that, in the 2007 Silverado, that level of quality has been retained, if not only heightened.

I don’t know if anyone who reads this post has taken a ride in a Ford F-150 or in a Chevrolet Silverado, however when I drove (or was driven in) these trucks, I felt a tremendous amount of comfort accompanied by feelings of safety and a degree of trust in them.  Moreover, and this obviously is up for argument, inside of a Silverado you are almost consumed by an authentic and insatiable blend of pure power that, in my view, only Detroit knows how to deliver.

But if Toyota plans to beat its competition in the truck business in the long run, I would suspect that it has failed to beat its competition in the short run.  And this would indicate to me that consumers aren’t quite getting the message and probably won’t, in the long run.  

freewill07 freewill07
New User | Posts: 8 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 04/08/07
01:19 AM

Not so bad!  

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