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RE: the article about the future of sports cars

roar roar
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/18/06
03:59 PM

I read with interest your article about the future of the 'sports car'. It seems to me that we've past an era where a generally unskilled person could buy a cheap sports car, perform some work on it and have a car that he had made better. You may recall that one could buy a Sprite for $1845.oo as I recall and a booklet on how to 'tune' (ie: hop it up ) it for another shilling which amounted to about a buck then from your friendly dealer. You could then do simple things that cost little and have 'improved'--and personalized your car. This was a common activity in the 60's and 70's as were autocrosses every weekend drawing 300 cars! Those of us--lots of us in fact couldn't afford even that but could find a used Morris minor or Hillman and scrounge up some go fast bits and go racing, Recall the Sedan Racing *** Alas! all that is gone because: (A) cars cost too much, (B) they are too complex for someone not highly skilled to do much with, (C) There is no such thing as a tuning manual for these modern cars that won't tolerate the ham fisted techniques of a teen ager. All this means that there aren't many sports car clubs, autocrosses and kids that have gotten sports cars into their blood.
I think that the sports car chapter is now relegated to Vintage racing which is by large the providence of those who can afford to put $10,000+
into their car and $500.oo a weekend minimum to play with it.
58' Sprite, 53' 100/4, etc.  

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