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Audi New A6 Petrol Leakage - Potential time bomb on the highway

zoro zoro
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/14/06
03:55 AM

Recently, we have a harrowing experience of driving our new Audi A6(2.4) that almost burnt on the expressway. We were driving along ECP toward the city, we discovered that our fuel tank was completely emptied by a petrol leaking problem. When we stop by the side of the ECP (Car park H)to check, we discovered that the entire under-carriage was dripping with petrol. When we called Audi, the mechanic from Audi told us to stop using the car as it can catch fire anytime and the car has to be towed back by Audi immediately to their Garage.

What we discovered from Audi distributor was that the sudden leakage was caused by a loose clip that hold the tube to the fuel tank. When we wrote in to the distributor on our concern about the safety aspect of the car; such as why there is no safety valve to stop leaking, and why there is no prior warning until the whole fuel tank is emptied.  Audi distributor was not helpful nor willing to provide an answer nor resolution to such a serious safety problem. They merely replace the clip and claimed that it is now roadworthy for us to  drive with no *** that it will not happen again.

As we are fearful for the safety of our family in using this car, we have requested that distributor and Audi(manufacturer fully evaluate the safety aspect of the car to acertain the root cause; how and why does this problem occur and what safety feature should be incorporated to prevent future occurence. Again, the request was ignored by the distributor neither has Audi manufacturer came back on our concern.

We hope to highlight this problem to the general public so they are aware that although Audi A6 is a impressive high performance car, we have major concern on their safety issue regarding the fuel leakage that can potentially be a time bomb for those who drive it.

We have reported this matter to LTA for *** and investigation.  

kiwi kiwi
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/06
Posted: 06/14/06
04:09 AM

How can a luxury car manufacturer and dealer treat their customer in such callous manner, esp concerning the safety of the driver and passengers?  

useyourbrain useyourbrain
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/06/06
02:36 AM

Hi there.  I am sorry to hear about your experience.  However, I think we are missing some pieces of the puzzle here.  First off, if you could not smell gasoline before you got into the car and started driving, nor did you notice a large pool of fuel, then something must have happened on your journey.  I am not familiar with the condition of the motorway on which you were traveling, but I wonder if you hit any large bumps, ran over a foreign object, or bottomed out during this excursion.  Further, a conscientious driver might have noticed a high rate of speed with which the fuel gauge was falling over a short distance, a sure signal before you actually ran out of fuel.  Have you had anybody work on this vehicle recently?  Anything could have happened in a garage to cause this, even if they had no business near the fuel tank or lines, a simple accident might have gone unnoticed.  
  As far as the distributor is concerned, they have niether the ability nor the right to correct this without specific help from Audi AG.  Doing so might cause panic among owners and would significantly undermine Audi as well as their own business.  They need to take steps to ensure that their actions do the right thing for them as well as for you.  This takes time.  They need to calculate the probable rate of failure for this incidence.  I'm sure that when they released the vehicle, it was tested, and tested, and tested, until it was determined that it was safe for production.  Remember, this is a company that has been in business for decades, and believe it or not, they've attached fuel lines to tanks before - millions of times.  A "backup" measure was probably deemed unnecessary after all of their testing.  If you are the only one that has experienced this problem, they shouldn't worry about it, and neither should you.  Doing major investigations into this problem is simply cost-prohibitive.  If, however, more complaints come in for the same thing, then they will have something to investigate.  

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