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Gas Mileage In Chevy Van

DPinck DPinck
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 05/09/06
11:55 PM

I run a construction company and need a van to haul equipment between jobsites.  About two years ago I bought a Chevy Express with the Vortec 6000 in it and the gas mileage just keeps getting worse!  A year ago I got around 12 MPG while now i'm getting under 9.  Does anyone know a place where I may be able to find some aftermarket parts (i.e. computer chips) to help me improve my gase mileage?  

hammatime hammatime
Enthusiast | Posts: 303 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 03/03/07
10:07 PM

First,GM's Vans are known to be gas guzzlers.

Second,weight is the enemy of gas mileage.

Third,underinflated tires will kill your gas mileage.

So,knowing that,here are some tips for better mileage.

---1.Inflate your tires.---

I routinely run the tires on my Dodge Caravan at thirty eight psi-they are rated at 44 psi.

Only do this with high quality tires in good condition.

---2.Forget chips-think maximum state of tune on your vehicle.---

Air filters need to be changed no less than every 15,000 miles.

Usually every 12,000 miles-more if you're driving in and out of dusty job sites.

If you're carrying heavy loads,you'll be working your vehicle harder at all times and you will need to change all your fluids and filters and do all your maintennace on the severe schedule in your van's owners manual.

---3.Make sure your vans front end is properly aligned and also that your brake calipers are o.k. and that your brake shoes are not dragging on the rotors or drums.---

Front calipers can go bad and cause a condition like you are holding your foot on the brake all the time.

This kills your pads quickly and costs you alot of gas wasted.

---4.Drive easy-don't gut your van when you come off of lights and try to cruise as much as possible.---

---5.Try to minimize how long you carry that extra weight.---

Only keep in that work van what you need to do the job.

---6.When it comes time to replace your tires,if you can drive safely during winter time where you are,try to buy tires that do NOT have a snow tread type design on them.---

You want a highway tread if you can get it.

---7.If you are determined to modify the van,a low restriction muffler and exhaust system might be the way to go but you must make sure that it is legal and you should buy high quality components designed to work together.---

---8.Your transmission can really hurt you if you ignore it to where it begins to slip.---

I use synthetic tranmission oil and the manufacturers transmission filter in my work van and it really helps the shifting and uses less motor power to move the van.

---9.Don't add anything to the van that puts more air resistance on the vehicle.---

---10.Clean your van's outside regularly.---

If you run through dirt and mud,get that off your vehicle as soon as possible.

It does'nt take much to add a hundred pounds of weight to your vehicle and wheels where it will really hurt your gas mileage.

A dirty outside will add wind resistence to an already unaerodynamic vehicle.

---11..Check your vehicle regularly for changes-air pressure-fluid levels-possible plastic bags on your grill or whatever.---

---12.SLOW DOWN.---

Driving legal speeds not only keeps the cops off your back-it saves you money in gas and vehicle repairs.

Just stay out of the left lane when you do this-everybodies going to pass you.

It's o.k.,you get to pass them when they stop for gas.  

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