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First U.S. Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe sells for $2 million!

sfowle sfowle
Enthusiast | Posts: 507 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 01/30/07
01:07 PM

Check out this blog. How much would you pay to be the first on your block with the latest Rolls-Royce? What car would you rather buy for $2 million?  

alwill alwill
User | Posts: 104 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 01/31/07
11:04 AM

How about which cars I would rather buy for $2 million? You could get a pretty sweet dream garage for that much cash.

But go easy on the guy. All that extra cash went to charity.  

hammatime hammatime
Enthusiast | Posts: 303 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 02/03/07
07:59 PM

The headlight assembly on this car makes me want to lose my lunch.

Rolls Royce always had a great front end on their cars but I would'nt park this ugly bugger
behind my outhouse!  

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