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Ezra Dyer's M3 you have a car buying story?

sfowle sfowle
Enthusiast | Posts: 507 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 10/10/06
10:19 AM

Check out Ezra's M3 story here!

Do you have any funny car buying/selling stories of your own?  

sfowle sfowle
Enthusiast | Posts: 507 | Joined: 05/06
Posted: 10/13/06
10:47 AM

I figured this would be a good spot for readers to see some of the other babies currently in the Automobile Magazine family. Here's my 1968 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Brand new Cool Vanilla paint, 69,000 original miles. It's quite a shocker going from pretty much any new car into this yacht, but especially when I'm going from small sports cars with ultra-heavy steering feel. It just sails down the highway, though.

0610 Cadillac Forum Pic  

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